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NFID Interactive Online Scientific Symposium, U.S. Adult Immunization Program: A Checkup

The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) recently launched an adult immunization education initiative aimed at increasing provider and consumer awareness about the role of adult vaccination in preventing dangerous infectious diseases. NFID will be hosting an Interactive Online Scientific Symposium, U.S. Adult Immunization Program: A Checkup on April 2, 2009 from 2:00pm ET - 3:30pm ET via live Web cast to address key issues surrounding adult vaccination.

The symposium’s expert panel will provide members of the media and medical community with a snapshot of adult vaccination and the current state of adult vaccine-preventable diseases in the U.S., as well as a scientific overview of how vaccines work and key challenges to increasing adult vaccination rates. Presentations will be followed by a Q&A with panelists. The program agenda is attached for your reference.

During the symposium, NFID will also unveil a new adult vaccination Web site, which will provide educational materials for consumers and health care providers, as well as tools to assist the media in reporting on vaccine-preventable diseases. NFID hopes your organization will help support the initiative by agreeing to have its name listed on the Web site and communicating its availability to your members/constituents. Please pre-register for the symposium at https://nfid.webex.com

The Childhood Influenza Immunization Coalition’s (CIIC) Press Release

In recent weeks, a number of childhood deaths across the country have been linked to influenza. The Childhood Influenza Immunization Coalition (CIIC) recent press release urges everyone who raises and cares for children to make sure those kids are vaccinated against influenza.  To view press release, visit: http://www.preventchildhoodinfluenza.org/media/press_releases_influenza_flu_resources.php.

NFID American Journal of Medicine supplement

A supplement to The American Journal of Medicine July 2008 issue, “Expanding the Influenza Vaccination Season: A New Paradigm for Increasing Immunization Rates,” calls on health care providers to increase immunization rates by offering vaccines at every opportunity throughout the entire influenza season. This supplement, sponsored by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, can be accessed, free of charge, at http://www.amjmed.com.

Media Advisory about Measles Outbreak
CDC holds press conference to update people on the recent measles outbreaks throughout the United States. To view their talking points click here.

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