The NMA has conducted a broad complement of immunization activities which include the following:

“Immunization---A Family Affair:” (IMFAP)
A Physician Educational Program on Increasing Adult Immunization Rates and Decreasing Disparities in the African American Community
The National Medical Association (NMA) was awarded an educational grant from the Centers on Medicaid and Medicare formally knows as Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) to develop a national physician/health care professional education and information program on adult immunization to increase the knowledge base and promote the use of immunizations as a preventive health measure for African American adults. Eleven educational programs were conducted throughout year 2001. Targeted cities included: Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Gary, Indiana; Houston, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky; Memphis, Tennessee; Miami, Florida; Newark, New Jersey; and New Orleans, Louisiana. Program presentations served as an interactive training session for attendees at no cost for Continuing Medical Education Credits (CME) and Units (CEU), and meeting material. The CMS formally HCFA awarded the NMA an additional grant to continue this effort throughout year 2002, in conjunction with NMA’s regional meetings.

image “Identifying Barriers Faced by African American Physicians in Delivery of Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccines”
The NMA in collaboration with the CDC, Adult Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Branch, Epidemiology and Surveillance Division conducted four focus groups and distributed surveys to NMA physicians to assess their knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding influenza and pneumococcal vaccination. The objective of the activity was to identify barriers faced by African American physicians to deliver influenza and pneumococcal vaccination, assess vaccination levels among patients for a sample of these physicians, and create and evaluate an intervention to improve vaccination levels.

National Medical Association - Polio Immunization Delivery Study (PIDS)

The National Medical Association (NMA), the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Pediatric Research in Office Settings (PROS) and the CDC’s NIP has collaborated on a study on the immunization status of children followed by NMA practicing pediatricians.  A key component of the project has been to assess the effect of the switch by some providers from an oral polio vaccine (OPV) schedule to an immunization schedule that includes initial administration of an inactivated polio vaccine (IPV).  A short survey on immunization practices was distributed among NMA/PROS pediatricians that helped design the project.  As a result of this project the NMA has developed PedsNet which serves as the pediatric research arm of the Association to conduct pediatric office based research.
National Medical Association - Pediatric Research Network

As result of the NMA’s participation in the Polio Immunization Delivery Study, the NMA has organized its own practice based research network, NMA PedsNet.  This network of African American pediatricians can conduct research to meet the needs of African American children and other high-risk populations.  One of the goals of the network is to make research an efficient and educational experience for anyone who participates.  NMA PedsNet looks to employ technology as a way to achieve their research goals. For more information, visit our PedsNet page.

imagePreventing Viral Hepatitis among African Americans Immunization Initiative
The National Medical Association received an educational grant to conduct a consensus panel that examined the prevalence of viral hepatitis among African American youth through adults and to identify the social, cultural and structural barriers to immunization and screening services among African Americans.  The consensus panel also recommended relevant policy changes to close the gap in prevention, immunization and treatment services rendered to the African American community.

Technical Assistance
The NMA IMFAP Project provides technical assistance to its constituent and component affiliates as well as organizations/coalitions/health departments targeting populations with low immunization rates.  Technical Assistance may take the form of linking with organizations that focus on immunization with the NMA’s constituent or component societies, sponsoring immunization workshops, media outreach, disseminating immunization resources; (i.e., CDC immunization schedule, Standards for Pediatric Immunization Practices, Guide to Contraindications to Childhood Vaccinations, publications, brochures, immunization tracking software, and providing NMA physicians information to address immunization issues.

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