The NMA IMFAP has a clearinghouse and a database that includes a wide range of materials on immunization issues affecting African Americans and other underserved populations.  Some of the items the Project has developed include:

* Women and Immunization “What You Should Know” Brochure;

* Immunization public service announcement featuring NMA immunization spokesperson--Cookie Johnson (wife of Ervin “Magic” Johnson);

* “Immunization - A Family Affair” Brochure;

* Immunization Resource Guide for Physicians;

* Adult Immunizations, “Increasing Immunization Rates among African American Adults” Consensus Paper;

* NMA Childhood Immunization Fact Sheet;

* Vaccines for Children parent reminder tent card;

* NMA Immunization - A Family Affair Quarterly Newsletter;

* “Promoting Prevention of Viral Hepatitis in the African American Community” Consensus Paper;

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